The Main Types of Renewable Energy

Since the world is experiencing energy crisis, we should reduce the dependency on non-renewable energy sources.  We should, therefore, focus on generating renewable energy on a massive scale. However, there are main types of renewable energy that we can produce. They include wind power, solar power, hydro power and geothermic power.

The first type of renewable energy is the wind energy.  Wind turbines have been around for many years. They have been used to pump watered rag boats and grind flour. Due to the industrial revolution, wind turbines were made to produce electricity. Many people envision windmills as small wind pumps used on farms. These mills have been developed tremendously in the past decade.

Wind turbines are capable of generating thousands of megawatts of power. This electricity generated is used on a small scale at home. Wind power can be a substitute conventional energy sources, helping households to get off the ride. Another renewable energy source is the solar energy. The sun is usually a readily available form of energy.

Since it is a cheaper way of obtaining electricity, we should be using it to a larger extent. Most of the households are provided with different ways of harnessing the power from the sun as the technology advances. The tips include solar electricity, solar heater, solar dryers and solar cookers.

Solar power and Solar Power Systems India are both cost effective, non-pollutants and they require little maintenance.

Using solar power will help you save on your bills. Also, solar cookers are ideal for cooking food because they cook the food under low temperature, thus maintaining vitamins and minerals. Solar cookers are not only suitable for cooking but also very portable. Due to this property, campers and travelers can carry them.  Visit http://www. ehow. com/how_2284756_obtain-solar-panels-free. html for information as well on solar panels.

Initially hydro or even water power was utilized industrially to rivers and waterfalls to power waterwheels that would then be used to maneuver water regarding irrigation or grind flour. Hydro power is used in dams to generate electricity for households plus businesses.  Hydroelectric power is usually made on a sizable size where dammed up water is channeled through generators, which spins a dynamo as it gushes through.  

However, there have been some social and environmental concerns about constructing dams for hydroelectricity. The main reason to this is that the entire village and communities are flooded by the particular dam, and the wall space prevents certain species of fish from swimming upstream to spawn.

Geothermal power is manufactured in areas with ongoing volcanic activity, where magma is actually near the surface.  One such area will be Iceland, where a huge percentage of its power is usually produced from volcanic geysers. Some would use this Off grid Solar Inverter .